About Me

I’m a writer/teacher/editor/mom. I reside in Denver, Colorado.

I love the sunshine, mountains, and streams of Colorado and the lakes and trees of Michigan, where I grew up with dirt under my fingernails and summer in my hair. I often return to feel the cold lapping of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan and to swing in a hammock on the shores of Lake Millecoquin. I want my young son to experience the respite of endless wilderness in both Michigan and Colorado.

I hold an M.A. in English from the University of Colorado Denver, where I have taught composition and rhetoric for more than 11 years. I feel quite lucky to have a job where I get to work with NicolePiaseckiWriterthoughtful, creative students and learn alongside them every day. My regular teaching load includes multimodal composition, business writing, and freshman composition. I maintain a blog/website about multimedia composition for my students, colleagues, and whomever else might be interested in resources for digital composing: http://www.multimediacomposition.com.

As a creative writer, I spend most of my time working on creative nonfiction essays. My publications to date have dealt with grief, loss, hockey, queer identity, and teaching. I’m currently working on essays about complicated friendships, family, assisted reproductive technologies (ART), infertility, and motherhood.

I am not brave enough to call myself a poet, but I’ve been writing some words in the shapes of poems lately, and everything about this feels right.

My creative work has been featured in Hippocampus Magazine, Motherwell Magazine, Word Riot, Shadowbox Magazine, Statement, Gertrude Press, and Brevity blog.